this is What LEVERAGE will do for you IN 3 mINUTES 





Easily Reach Your
Entire Body With Control

Compact Portable
Light Weight Effective

Reliable Results Everyday  
For All Muscle Groups

Removable Foam Sleeve For
Trigger Point Massage

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Lifetime Warranty

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Foam Rolling Is now for everyone

At Nexxbar We Make It Easier Than Ever to Contribute To Your Recovery.

For The First Time Using Leverage Deep Tissue Massage Is Possible For Your Neck And Entire Body Significantly Reducing Tension. 

With One Compact Portable
Premium Tool As A Regular Part Of Your Life You Can Sleep Better And Reduce Stress Everyday.

Increase mobility And recover daily

At Nexxbar We Make Self Treatment Accessible For Everyone

We Had To Make Nexxbar Easy To Use For All Ages And Abilities

And More Effective Convenient And Practical Than Ever Before

body LEVERAGE makes self THERAPY easy

We Had to Find A Way That Allowed People To Treat Themselves In A More Convenient Effective Way Than Had Existed To Date. Its Built To Last. It Had To Save You Time, Money And Allow Unlimited Self Treatment Throughout Any Region Of The Body With Ease In Between Visits Of Conventional Treatment While Complementing Your Health Professionals Guide To Recovery. 

Everyone deserves the best Self TREATMENT solutions

Nexxbar Philosophy:

"Everyone Deserves To Be The Best They Can Be".

With Nexxbar You Can Access Focused Daily Massage And Positively Contribute To Your Pain Reduction Through Nerve Stimulation, As Well As Increased Mobility And Blood Circulation Throughout The Body

Thereby Enhancing The Benefits Of Conventional Treatment For Injury And Recovery. This Allows You To Gain The Strength And Mobility You Need And Get You Back To Your Favorite Activities As Quickly As Possible. Relief is Literally Within Reach

Relief is motivation To Keep YOU mOVING 

"Pain is the barrier that prevents people from starting to move"

You now can take control. You don’t have to live in pain. Do not resign yourself to “its just the way it is”
Frequent Daily Targeted Massage For 30 Seconds At a Time is a Massive Game Changer For People With Tension.