Self Leveraging Technology

"Pain is the barrier that prevents people from starting to move" You now can take control. You don’t have to live in pain. Do not resign yourself to “this is just the way it is”. You do not have to go to work five days a week only to come home and struggle to take care of your family. Yes it’s horrible that most insurance coverage is not even close to adequate to provide enough treatment needed to fully recover. Maybe years of sitting in front of a computer, enduring an accident or injury have taken its toll. Your workload of life has given your body repetitive stress injuries.   

Because of You Nexxbar exists!

Nexxbar Philosophy: Everyone deserves to be the best they can be. 
With Nexxbar you can access focused daily massage and positively contribute to your pain reduction through nerve stimulation, as well as increased mobility and blood circulation throughout the body thereby enhancing the benefits of conventional treatment for injury and recovery. This allows you to gain the strength and mobility you need and get you back to your favorite activities as quickly and efficiently as possible. Relief is literally within reach.

At the age of 38 almost 11 years ago. I felt my body slipping. I felt the injuries compounding from a life of literally pushing my body beyond what I should have been. I realized at 43 my life was going to haunt me with pain. The muscle tension and imbalances were unbearable. I struggled just to stand on my feet the pain was so bad. So many times my wife or young children would ask for some time together and I just could not do it. It broke my heart to say no all the time. So with a last ditch attempt I spent 6 months and an outrageous amount of money, 5k on multiple massage, chiropractic, physiotherapy and acupuncture to try to get enough treatment to get out of the pain hell I was in. All of these health disciplines have it right for helping people recover. The problem was most of us don’t have enough time or money beyond the limited insurance to get enough treatment to get out of the chronic pain zone. 

 We decided to change this. We had to find a way that allowed people to treat themselves in a more personally effective way than had existed to date. It had to save you time and allow unlimited self treatment throughout any region of the body with ease in between visits of conventional treatment while complementing your health professionals guide to recovery.

So Nexxbar was born. It has literally changed the trajectory of my life to a very active person with productive days.  Join a growing community of 2500 plus people that have taken on life with Nexxbar.

We love helping people master their anatomy and take control of their pain. This is what we do. All the information you need to take control is literally in the palm of your hands. With your mobile App full of how-to’s and the worlds leading effective and convenient self-leveraging technology,,your life is about to change.