Post Knee Surgery Sucsess with Self Leveraging Massage

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With Nexxbar you can access focused daily massage and positively contribute to your pain reduction through nerve stimulation, as well as increased mobility and blood circulation throughout the body thereby enhancing the benefits of conventional treatment for injury and recovery. This allows you to gain the strength and mobility you need and get you back to your favorite activities as quickly and efficiently as possible. Relief is literally within reach.


Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgery that involves making a small cut in the skin over the knee, inserting a small light, and using small instruments to diagnose and treat knee problems, including:

  • removing or repairing torn menisci, which are part of the cartilage in the knee joint
  • repairing a torn cruciate ligament inside the knee
  • trimming torn pieces of joint cartilage
  • removing loose bodies, which are small fragments of cartilage or bone floating inside the knee
  • removing an inflamed joint lining

How long will it be before I feel normal?

You should be able to stop using your crutches or walking frame and resume normal leisure activities 6 weeks after surgery. However, it may take up to 3 months for pain and swelling to settle down. It can take up to a year for any leg swelling to disappear.

Your new knee will continue to recover for up to 2 years after your operation. During this time, scar tissue will heal and muscles can be restored by exercise.

Even after you have recovered, it's best to avoid extreme movements or sports where there's a risk of falling, such as skiing or mountain biking. Your doctor or a physiotherapist can advise you.