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Traditional therapy methods often involve the help of a professional, making self therapy less achievable when at home and work.


The unique mechanical advantage offered by NEXXBAR will allow you to regain control of your therapy and treat yourself at home, work, and on the go.

Discover the NEXXBAR System

Rediscover the Joy of Movement

A Revolution in Self Therapy

Reclaim control of your pain management by learning more about how the unique, patent-pending design of the NEXXBAR will greatly impact how you deal with neck, shoulder, back, hip, and leg pain.

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Hip and Leg Discomfort

Goodbye Foam Roller

The low profile design and foam sleeve of the NEXXBAR allows users to easily treat lower body pain.

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Back Pain

Self-Treat Your Pain

NEXXBAR’s revolutionary strap and telescopic handle make treating hard to reach areas like the back quick and simple.

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Neck & Shoulder Pain

Regain Your Ease of Motion

This common problem area affects untold thousands of people everywhere. With the NEXXBAR SYSTEM, you can now easily treat these areas.

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About the creators

Michael Shelley (BScPT)

Body Works Fitness & Physiotherapy

Michael was born in Labrador City and raised in Baie Verte, Newfoundland. He developed an interest in physical fitness and human kinetics at an early age. He pursed a Biology degree at Memorial University of Newfoundland prior to completing an honours degree in Physiotherapy at the Manchester School of Physiotherapy in Manchester, England in 2002. Michael worked as a Clinical II Physiotherapist for 12 years for Central Health and ran multiple departments during that time. In 2008 he opened Body Works Fitness & Physiotherapy and has been a major health and wellness advocate for the regions he serves in rural Newfoundland. He has a keen interest in physical fitness and lends over 20 years of experience in the health promotion industry.

Chris Cluett and Justin Whittle

Chris was born in St John’s NL. Justin Whittle was born in CBS NL. Both always had a passion for Physiotherapy, Health and Wellness. Chris was inspired to pursue a career in Physiotherapy after a serious right knee injury requiring multiple surgeries and rehabilitation . Justin was inspired through his experience of having a close family member live through a very serious injury, requiring immense rehabilitation. Both pursued Kinesiology degrees at Memorial University of NL prior to completing degrees in Physiotherapy at Dalhousie University in 2003. Chris and Justin have worked as business partners growing Proactive Physiotherapy since 2004. Proactive provides Physiotherapy, Health and Wellness services across NL.
Chris and Justin are excited to work with Mike, Ross and the entire Nexxbar Team!

Ross O’Keefe


Ross was born and raised and presently resides in St John’s, NL Canada. He developed chronic neck and back issues while working remote locations for extended periods and developed the NEXXBAR in conjunction with Physiotherapists to self administer therapy for chronic pain. Soon realizing the effectiveness and versatility the team chose to bring it to the market. Nexxbar Designs believe the daily use of NEXXBAR will drastically improve the lives of untold numbers through the convenient daily use it offers. Along with  Michael Shelley (BScPT) of Body Works Fitness & Physiotherapy and Chris Cluett (BScPT, RMT)of Proactive Physiotherapy, the design of the NEXXBAR was refined and tested, with feedback being incredibly positive.


Helping to Make NEXXBAR Happen


When I first saw the design of the NEXXBAR I was excited to give it a try! I knew it would work great to help relieve the tightness in my neck and shoulders.

-Andy Pratt

The NEXXBAR will play an important role in helping me regain control over my health. As a mother of two small children, my health is priceless.

-Kim Hurley

Once seeing it in action, it was quickly evident that this device was unlike any other I had seen previously. Its strap system offers the users a mechanical advantage while being able to maintain a safe and healthy ergonomic position.

-Michael Shelley

The NEXXBAR is incredible, I use a lot of therapy aids and have a large assortment of different tools for different areas on the body. After being introduced to the NEXXBAR I have discovered that a lot of the tools I have are now unnecessary.

-Jon Chafe

The NEXXBAR instantly begins working out the knots in my traps and back as if I have my own personal masseuse. It’s so easy to use and so effective that I don’t know how I ever functioned without it.

-Paula Delahunty

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