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CLIENT reviews

NEXXBAR is superior to all of it’s competitors. NEXXBAR can be used by individuals of all ages, athletic backgrounds, injury, and disease. An individual who uses NEXXBAR can massage any body part because massage of all body parts is now possible.
I believe NEXXBAR will enhance performance and rehabilitation more than what has been shown in the current research.

Dr. Duane Button, PhD., CSEP-CEP Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador World’s Leading Researcher in Foam Rolling and Rolling Massage

Good morning Ross , I got Tell ya , “Holly Crap” ....I used your NEXXBAR last night for a half hour just to see what it could do for me .....I got up this morning , the first in 20 plus years since my vehicle accidents without an ache or pain in my “ BODY “.
Your NEXXBAR Is SIMPLY “AMAZING “. I’m stunned ,... how in a short period of time using this tool , did so much to “Relieve” my PAIN....
I was a little sceptical at first if this tool would help me very much,but was I ever WRONG, THANKS.

Joseph Maxwell Hanames FB

I use my NEXXBAR nearly every day. I’m 43 years old. I run, play recreational hockey, lift weights, and train for FireFit. My job is extremely physically demanding and with the mechanical advantage I was able to work my sore aching muscles and increase my mobility, which allowed me to get back into being truly active. Everyone should have one.

Jamie McCarthy, Firefighter

The NEXXBAR instantly begins working out the knots in my traps and back as if I have my own personal masseuse. It’s so easy to use and so effective that I don’t know how I ever functioned without it.

Paula Delahunty, FB Customer

Awesome product! I’ve been using my NEXXBAR now for three months on my neck and shoulder which were injured in a motor vehicle accident. Phenomenal results!

Joy Mitchell Sacrey, Customer

I’ve been a nurse for 33 years. “Wear and tear “ from my job has certainly left it’s mark on my body. I can use this at home , several times a day. No amount of massage , chiropractic or acupuncture comes close to this product. Thank you!

Sharon Snook, Nurse

Best thing that was ever invented, much healthier then ever no more back and neck pain. Congrats guys well deserved

Justin Pender, Hockey

As a gymnastics coach I highly recommend this product for gymnasts and coaches alike. I have found it to be superior to other products we have tried. Because it can be used in so many different ways and you are able to control the amount of pressure applied it is meets the needs of each individual athlete.      On a personal side of things I have spinal stenosis and psoriatic arthritis - finding ways to deal with chronic pain is a challenge at best. I am in the beginning stages of using the Nexxbar for pain control with a success I did not expect! Amazing product!

Michelle Ricks, FB